Our Shop Dog!

Meet Zoey

Our itty-bitty-boop, Zoey, is a regular fixture at the store. Zoey is our sweet rescue pup who is still learning how to be a shop dog.

She loves to greet each and every customer at the store and all 5 pounds of her makes her even more eager to scream out a “hello” anytime someone enters the shop.

Unfortunately, her screams can be a bit piercing and relentless at times, particularly because she inadvertently gets attention each and every time she yells out, since she’s so little and cute. We’re trying to help Zoey find calmer ways to greet people, and it would be a big help if you try to ignore her when you first come in.

We’re hoping that without a great amount of reinforcement, she’ll soon find that yelling at people isn’t the best way to get the attention she really wants.

When you visit, you’ll mostly notice that Zoey is tied to Sara—literally. Sara is Zoey’s person through and through. It’s true about Chihuahahs that they are a one-person-dog. Zoey likes other people, but she is always fixated and focused on Sara. To keep Zoey safe, and to allow Sara to move about the store without too much worry of losing Zoey, her leash is generally hooked to Sara.

And one last thing to know: Zoey’s a singer and a huge fan of the blues. Catch her on a good day and she’ll belt out a bit of Bessie Smith for you. You might just get lucky. :)





Let’s help animals together.

Because Zoey is the star of the store, she even has her own t-shirt line!

For every DOG-GONE-GOOD t-shirt purchase, a portion of the sale goes to help animals in need.

Interested in helping out? Grab your shirt today!