We Opened a Vinyl Record Store

Here's what happens when you have two passionate folks with a history of helping other people live their best lives and pursue their dreams... eventually they take their own advice.

Sometime last year, a bit burned out from many years as an addiction counselor, Eric said to Sara, "I really wish I could just have a vinyl store. Wouldn't that be cool?"

To which Sara, a psychotherapist, responded, "Why can't you?"

Oh, it's true, middle-aged, worried about insurance and other responsibilities, Eric was a bit hesitant.

But Sara didn't let it rest. 

One day, she did what most folks who believe in living your passion do:  She found a small space downtown Carrollton, Georgia that was about to open up.  She contacted the landlord, signed a lease, and then said to Eric, "You have three weeks to build inventory because we've got a vinyl record store!"

It was a massive leap of faith, perseverance, passion, love, and everything in between.  But we did it!  We opened a vinyl record store!

And here's what we have come to love most about our little vinyl store:  The people!

In the past six months we have been blessed by customers who have become friends.

  • Tweens who are learning the collecting-ropes, so to speak, and seek out Eric's expertise.

  • Parents who tell us their daughters are ignored at other stores and find with us, acceptance, encouragement, and celebration that they're into collecting vinyl.

  • Teens who are just as passionate as Eric about vinyl records

  • Folks our age who reminisce about the 70s, 80s, and the joy of our youth, and grab some nostalgic vinyl to hold onto a small piece of who they once were.

  • Little kids who dance to the music pouring from our store speakers.

  • And the folks just learning about the ambient sound that records carry and of which no other type of streaming music or CD can emulate.

One of our very first FB lives we ever did, we shouted out an invite to visit the store to talk music, life, and have a cup of coffee.

So many people accepted this invite at face value.  

Like the incredible woman who is a full-time caregiver and travelled over an hour just to visit with us because she heard our sincere invitation.  

Or the wonderful new friend who is retired and stops by several times a week to talk music and grab lunch for Eric when he's too busy to leave the store.

The awesome friend who, after visiting the store the very first weekend we were open, returned and gifted us a platinum Soul Asylum framed record and a platinum Pearl Jam framed cassette tape (these are hanging on our walls with gratitude that words cannot express).

All the musicians who stop by to play a live set in our store... we love the vibe of these acoustic sets!

And the young guy who was so inspired he burst out in original song for us right in the middle of the store.

Our store is everything we could have hoped for:  A community of people coming together to celebrate the love of music, vinyl records, and life.

If you have ever wondered if you ought to cash it all in and follow your dream, we must say, "Yes!"

For us, it has been absolutely worth it.

~Eric & Sara