Shopping in Carrollton, GA just got better!

Especially for Vinyl Record Lovers!

Since we opened our doors last October 2018, there has been plenty of local talk about having two record stores downtown Carrollton.

Some people were worried that Carrollton wouldn’t be able to support two shops.

Others were unconvinced that Carrollton would support another vinyl shop. After all, The Vinyl Frontier has been in Carrollton since May 2016. What made us think the square needed another record store ?

But we weren’t dissuaded by the nay-sayers because we knew one thing that most don’t: We know vinyl collectors.

And here’s the thing about folks who love to crate dig and whose very passion expands each time they stumble upon that white-whale-of-a-record they’ve spent years hunting: They’ll go anywhere good records are.

Vinyl collectors are an insatiable breed of shoppers who have no qualms about driving 3-4 hours to get to a cool store.

They’re also the same group of people who delight in the finds of another (even when slightly jealous that they, themselves, didn’t stumble upon it at the same shop a few days before).

So we knew, without a doubt, that adding our store to the vinyl mix in Carrollton was the right thing to do. Because our vision was to turn Carrollton into the type of record shopping mecca that would attract collectors far and wide, while also expanding the opportunity for great vinyl finds locally.

And we were, by no means, disappointed.

Here are just a few comments said aloud in our store these past few weeks:

  • “It’s really cool that there’s two stores in Carrollton.”

  • “People get so excited when they find out there’s another store right around the corner.”

  • “Man, this whole vinyl biz just blew up, and it’s awesome!”

  • “Two stores. Double the trouble for me with my wife.”

  • “I’m digging that I can come out to Carrollton and spend the day just hanging in vinyl stores.”

  • “I heard about Square Records, but it’s about a 2-hour drive for me. Then I saw that there are two stores, and it made the trip so much better.”

  • “I’ll definitely come out more often. Having two stores this close together totally makes the trip from Atlanta worthwhile.”

This excitement is what we hoped (and believed) would happen once we decided to open Square Records on the square of Carrollton. And we love it!

~ Eric & Sara