5 Reasons Why Vinyl Records are Making a Comeback

Vinyl records never entirely went away. There has always been a pretty active group of collectors who gather for record store day and join up at record shows to trade, buy, and grab new and used records.

But in recent years, with kids inheriting their parents and grandparents vinyl record collections, and more and more artists pressing and re-releasing oldies, but goodies, vinyl records are part of the cool crowd.  And here's why:

1.  It's tangible! While streaming music is excellent, and incredibly portable, it's not something you wrap your hands around.

Back when CDs dominated the market, you still had some control over what you listened to and when you listened to it. Sure, you can put together playlists galore on Spotify, but you're still relegated to three degrees of separation between you and the very music you covet.

The tangibility of vinyl records means you can, directly and indirectly, interact with the music.

And one more bonus:  If you collect autographs, what better to get signed but the album cover of your favorite artist? No one has ever been able to do that with streaming music.

2. It's cool.  Let's face it; vinyl music has always had a serious cool factor with it because vinyl records are just, well, cool!  They always have been.  

But with whole new generations discovering vinyl records in their basements, it's becoming quite cutting-edge to be vintage.

Plus, what's better than hanging out at the local record store, like Square Records (I know... we're slightly biased)?

Or turning your friends on to the Ramones' album you grabbed while there? 

Seriously, vinyl records will up your cool game every. single. time.  

3. Vinyl Collectors Still Rock!  27% of vinyl buyers are 36 or older, according to MusicWatch.  

As Gen-Xers move into middle-age, what better way to connect with their youth than to embrace the nostalgia of records?  

There's honestly nothing more exciting and satisfying than finding a rare Beatles' butcher cover paste-over album in the looked over box at your neighbor's yard sale.

4. Nothing Sounds as Good As Vinyl.  It's not just sound--we'll get to that.  But it's the entire listening experience:  Grabbing a favorite beverage, spinning a selected piece of vinyl, chilling in your favorite chair.  

Serious and novice collectors alike spend a good amount of money setting up the best listening experience possible, and vinyl just does not disappointment.

5. Sound Quality.  CDs and streaming music do not embrace the nuance that vinyl records allow; they're merely flat.

The ambiance, the ambient sound, the rich texture of vinyl records allows for a total body experience, a visceral experience, that is unparalleled with digitally recorded music.

Vinyl records is an analog recording.  Original sound is analog by definition.

A digital recording takes a "snapshot" of original sound at different rates.  This means that digital recording is not capturing the complete sound wave. 

And sadly, this really means that digital sound records an incomplete picture, which is why the analog sound of vinyl records is such a richer experience.

If you haven't experienced the full sound of vinyl, we're happy to introduce you! Just stop by the store any time for a listen; we're here to help.

~ Eric & Sara