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V. I. Players

Imagine book club meets vinyl records.  This is a gathering of vinyl enthusiasts who want to share in the love of vinyl records.  

How it works?  

:: Pick out your favorite piece of obscure, weird, wicked, wild vinyl

:: Bring it to the V.I.Players meeting for a listen with other vinyl enthusiasts.

:: Get down and dirty with some good ol' convo about the vibe, ambiance, nuance, compilation and other thoughts.  

:: This is the time to enjoy good music with fellow vinyl record lovers and be turned onto some new sounds and artists.  

Who's this for:

18+ adults who are into vinyl and want to hang with other cool cats.

Who's This Not For:

If you don't like listening to vinyl records, or music in general, or hate sharing cool music, or can't to be in a crowded space, or really don't like to get out much, then this event probably isn't for you.

How to Get In on All This Goodness:

Want to attend?  GREAT!  Call the store to RSVP:  470-370-0963.

Want to make it even better??  Grab a friend or two to join you.