Meet Eric & Sara, owners of Square Records

Sara, Eric, & Zoey outside Square Records on Bradley Street in Carrollton, GA

Sara, Eric, & Zoey outside Square Records on Bradley Street in Carrollton, GA


For the Record…

Bringing great vinyl to your life is our life.

Because... vinyl really is our life.

Owner Eric Shepard started collecting vinyl records at the tender age of 3 when his big brother handed Eric his fist KISS album. 

Known in some circles as simply, "Eric the Record Guy," his vast knowledge of all-things-vinyl-records is impressively cool.

And to top it off, Eric knows so much useless music trivia that if MTV still had rock game shows, we'd be millionaires.

On the other hand, Sara Anderson (Square Records Co-owner & Eric’s lovely spouse) knows just enough music trivia to be surprisingly right much of the time when playing the Applebee's trivia kiosk.

Yet she somehow manages to sing all the wrong lyrics to '80's metal music. Quite loudly.

If you happen to hear her in the store, just nod and sing along because she won't know the difference.

Truth is, it's been a lifetime dream of Eric's to have a little piece of vinyl-heaven in the form of a record store.

After years as an addiction counselor, Eric was a bit burned out. Sara, a psychotherapist, suggested the same advice she’s given to many others: Follow your passion.

Sara found our current retail location, signed a lease, came home and told Eric he had three weeks to build inventory because we now had a vinyl record store!

What started as a small project has really grown. In April 2019, we acquired the inventory from a record store in Philly that was closing after 43 years (read more about our epic journey here).


We packed 30,000 vinyl records in a 26’ truck and made the 20-hour trip back to Georgia and quickly began to unload.

As Eric described our acquisition: “I knew some of this vinyl existed, but I had never actually seen it. It’s incredible.”

We are regularly rotating the store inventory, which makes for the best crate digging experience because you’ll never know what you might find.

We have everything from Jazz, Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Metal, Punk, Reggae to soundtracks, comedy, 10” vinyl, 45s, and LPs. At any given time in the store, you’ll find a taste of this.

Whether you’re new to collecting or a long-time collector, we have vinyl for all!